Become a Blue Reporter

Become a Blue Reporter

How to Contribute 

Guest Submissions

You want to Become a Blue Reporter? The Blue Reporters encourage and accept guest submissions that are relevant to TheBlueReporters scope and vision. TheBlueReporters try to select stories that would have the widest possible appeal to its broad and diverse readership. 

Who can Become a Blue Reporter?

  • a public information officer at a university/research organization that would like to submit your news releases
  • a researcher, especially a young scientists, that would like to present new research finding (peer-reviewed journal article)
  • a science communication officer or science project manager, that would like to give a description of a new or newsworthy research project
  • a concerned citizen that would like to report about a topic/finding/observations in its area that is related to The Blue Reporters topics

Are you one of the above?

Please sent your article to:

If you have Supporting Digital Image Requirements for Illustrations and Photos for your article please ensure that the following image file specifications are covered:

  1. EPS, JPG, or TIF format
  2. High Resolution 
  3. Size: 4″x4″ or larger
  4. Captions: Please send via email a caption for each image file

Please note that TheBlueReporters cannot guarantee posting of all the received release, since focus is given to select those that would be of most interest to the readers of TheBlueReporters. Furthermore, the views expressed in guest submissions are solely those of the organization or writer who submitted the piece. To maintain the editorial independence, TheBlueReporters do not accept advertising in exchange for positive editorial coverage.

Areas of Interest 

TheBlueReporters strive to provide timely, accurate reporting of the latest research, news and information about various topics related to the earth seas. The topics that are being covered are: the Environment (Alien, Climate Change, Pollution, Marine Life, Marine Species, Biodiversity), Industry/Innovative (Biotechnology, Aquaculture, Health, Tourism, Marine Transport) and Science/Society (Actions, Projects, Application and Tools, Science Educations/Society and Science, Ocean laws and Policies). Each of them is being presented according to the Sea of interest and covers currently the Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea, North Sea and Black Sea.


TheBlueReporters readerships include journalists, policy makers, industry stakeholders, scientists, researchers, students as well as the wider public that are interested in the marine environment.

Concerns about the accuracy of any article

In case of concerns about the accuracy of any article, please let us know as soon as possible. Readers are advised that the information and opinions expressed by commenters are their own and TheBlueReporters takes no responsibility for them. We will not tolerate abusive or vulgar language in our comments and will remove any matter that we deem, in our best judgment, is inappropriate for our readers.

Thank you for your interest in TheBlueReporters. We look forward to receiving your releases!

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