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The Blue Reporters (TBRs) is a marine environmental science news website. Its target audience includes journalists, policy makers, government agencies, industries, scientists, researchers, students, educators as well as a wider public interested in the marine environment.

Most marine environmental scientific findings are published in journals that are not accessible to a broader audience and are written in a scientific language that is difficult to understand. With this in mind, TBRs’ website’s objective is to bridge this accessibility and language gap between scientists and an interested audience. Furthermore, the goals, outputs and events of marine science projects are being presented. 

The Blue Reporters website offers their readers news about the latest scientific discoveries in a user-friendly format – all freely accessible with no subscription fees.

More importantly, The Blue Reporters is interested in giving a voice to those interested in the marine environment.

The website gives the chance to:

  • share your observations and concerns on marine environmental issues in your area
  • present your scientific findings and/or publications
  • announce events, applications, videos and pictures that are interesting to a wider public including policy makers, government agencies, industries, scientists, researchers, students and educators.

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We hope you enjoy The Blue Reporters and make it one of your regularly visited websites.

We welcome all questions and comments.

For more information, please contact us via info@thebluereporters.com