The challenge of coastal and marine tourism

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP)

The importance of Marine Spatial Planning for a sustainable and environmental friendly coastal and marine tourism. 

The human activities along the coast and in the sea are constantly increasing. One of the most important and fast growing activities is coastal and marine tourism. It includes all those activities that we “need” for our summer holidays: tourism facilities and infrastructures such as hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and all kind of activities related to the water and the sea.

But wouldn’t we all like to spend our summer holidays in an area where the balance among tourism, local community and environment is assured?

So what could be the solution?

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), is a quite promising concept and procedure that is “about planning when and where human activities take place at sea e to ensure these are as efficient and sustainable as possible” (European Commission). The main elements of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), include an interlinked system of plans, policies and regulations.

The significant role of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP)

A recent study on the challenge of coastal and marine tourism in the Mediterranean Sea, specifically in Greece, argues over the significant role of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), in organizing and planning coastal and marine tourism activities. By using and implementing Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) author states that it would ensure:

  • good environmental conditions for the tourism industry to prosper,
  • quality of seascapes and coastal landscapes and other resources of importance to tourism,
  • adaptation to climate change effects
  • spatial regulations so that coastal and marine space is not overwhelmed by tourism facilities and activities and
  • wise allocation of human uses in the coastal zone so as to avoid conflicts and create synergies among sectors.
STORY SOURCE:  The above post is written based on materials provided by Elsevier written by Papageorgiou 2016. Note: Materials may be edited for content and length.
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